Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Island cabinet, left side.

one cabinet
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Okay, this is probably the most embarassing shot I have, lol. Not only is it disorganized, but my slow cooker has crud on it on the outside. For shame.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Embarassing photos

Okay, as I promised here is a link to my embarassing kitchen, lol. Along with the pictures of my fellow cure travelers.
Kitchn Cure
This is a new blog which I've started for the Kitchn Cure. It isn't the only thing I'll end up using it for, but for now The Cure is it. :-)

I've taken some before pictures to show just how out of control my kitchen is. And there is no excuse for it. My kitchen is a decent size kitchen. I'm just disorganized and I need to change that. The photos are on I'll post a link later to the embarrassing photos. :-)

According to the website a I need to do the following;

*Check out The Kitchn Cure Flickr Page and upload your "before" photos. Open those cupboards and refrigerator doors and dare to show us the state of things. If you want to highlight your pics, put your link in with your comments. This will allow us all to talk about one and learn from one another's project

• Go through your refrigerator, cupboards, counter-tops and pantry and clean up your food clutter. The foods we have in our kitchens should be fresh and replenished frequently. Take a long hard look at that tin of wasabi powder you got on your trip to Japan three years ago. Re-consider the jar of preserved lemons you got as a wedding favor five years ago. It's brown, you have no idea how to use it, and it takes up energetic space in your kitchen. Toss it. Here are the basic guidelines for de-cluttering your food:

• if it has expired
• if it has not been used in the last 6-12 months
• if it has duplicates (combine containers if possible)

• Take all of what remains and wipe it down with a warm, moist cloth. For containers of oil, for example, that may have a film, you might need to use a cleanser (something earth-friendly diluted with warm water) to cut through the grease.